I was first introduced to the book while providing consulting services (for the company who I now work for) at one of their customer’s locations. The particular customer provides a copy of the book to all contractors doing business at their site!

I have been in the field of safety for approximately 15 years; 6 years with a Japanese Company, 7 years with a major Lift Truck manufacturer, 1 ½ years with the State of Ohio, and approximately 6 months with my current employer dealing with Construction, Crane & Rigging, Maintenance, etc. This is the first book dealing with safety that I could not put down; I had to read the entire book in one sitting!

I have taught behavioral safety and found that most of the items I have covered in training were in this book. It is the perfect book for everyone from top management to a newly hired employee to read. I am a member of the Society of Ohio Safety Engineers and I took Safety 24/7 to a meeting with me, briefed the members on it and strongly recommended that they all get copies. We (PSC) purchased several copies of the book and are in the process of giving copies to all of our supervisors. We have had several employees read the book, write summaries of the book and indicate how building an incident-free culture is beneficial to their workplace. Our goal is to have all employees who work for us, go through this – on our time!

We have provided copies to some of our customers to help impress upon them how strongly we feel about safety! I just can’t say enough good things about the material covered in the book! I must also tell you that when the owner’s of PSC came to me to ask me to come work for them I told them they had to do two things; 1) Support me in “safety” and be actively involved and 2) Read Safety 24/7!

Thank you so much for the wonderful book! It goes beyond what a safety professional can teach! I am looking forward to a sequel!

Julie Cotrell