Speaking Engagements & Presentations

The goal of the Safety 24/7 presentation is to provide a message and framework to allow companies to reduce incident rates by focusing on changing beliefs, which can create significant changes in behaviors. Objectives include:

  • Clarifying the components of a strong culture of Safety 24/7, emphasizing policies and equipment alone cannot create a culture of safety.
  • Safety must be a personal issue as well as an organizational one.
  • Identifying responsibilities and actions of supervisors in reinforcing the organization’s ongoing commitment to operating safely.

The Safety 24/7 principles are brought to life through engagement with the audience. The message is clear… reducing incidents requires we consciously choose to do the right thing.

Customer Feedback From Presentations

The safety presentation made by Greg Anderson at our operations conference was just the kind of cultural reinforcement to safety that we were looking for. Greg did an excellent job of demonstrating how an Incident-Free Culture can be created within any organization. Our company believes that preventing any and all accidents is an accomplishable goal; Greg introduced several concepts to help us achieve that goal.

He takes a field-level approach in his delivery and focuses on the humanistic ramifications of a successful safety culture. Any company, its employees, and its customers would benefit from a regular training regime implementing these principals.
T. M. “Roe” Patterson
Vice President
Basic Energy Services

Dear Greg and Rick:

A year and a half ago we began to establish safety as a core value within Structural Group though the Safety 24/7 principles outlined in Greg Anderson’s book Safety 24/7. As with most companies trying to make major changes we have had our share of issues in developing our new culture of Safety.

Several months ago we began to plan our annual corporate meetings and had the opportunity to invite Greg Anderson and Rick Hicks to present their seminar called “beyond Safety” to 120 of our leadership employees. We wanted to enhance the focus our leaders had on the safety 24/7 principles and to help move our fledgling program to a new and more active level.

Greg and Rick’s “Beyond Safety” presentation was truly captivating and definitely had a positive impact on the way our people perceived their own personal commitments to safety. Their excellent stories illustrated how and why our leadership is necessary to enable employees to develop safety as a core value. The interesting “Sheets” demonstration gave us a humorous look into the various cultural constraints that society and our working relationships place on individuals. And finally, the interactive “Tent Pole” demonstration showed us just how hard it is to work as an effective team to bring a culture of safety to our company.

The “Beyond Safety” presentation definitely met and exceeded all of our expectations and was both very informative, and entertaining. Following Rick’s emotional conclusion the entire group of participants put on their own, spontaneous demonstration. A standing Ovation!

Well done and thanks for all the help and guidance you have been giving us.
Jim Emmons
Structural Group, Inc.

Mr. Anderson, I would like to personally thank you for the presentation you gave today in Midland, this was by far the quickest most informative presentation on safety I have ever experienced with the most results and I have attended many safety seminars in my 15 years of JSA exposure. I will be preaching your message to all I come into contact with. PS. I will start with your book 24/7, again THANKS!!!!!!
Eric Briley
Email after the American Association of Drilling Engineers Meeting

Thank you for participating in our Executive Leadership Seminar on Safety and Health. Your presentation on “Safety 24/7”, building an incident-free culture was informative, inspirational and emotional. You focused on culture (beliefs and behaviors) and the various levels of commitment required for a world class safety and health program. You consistently linked PG&E’s vision, goals, values and people which made your presentation very powerful. Your presentation provided personal stories and tools that our employees can take back to their work environments. Your outside perspective, knowledge and experience in safety and building an incident-free culture will help get PG&E to zero incidents.

We were impressed that you listened to what we had to say and were able to incorporate these messsages and pictures we provided into your presentation. You did an excellent job in customizing your presentation to fit our company.

I am happy to report that the seminar attendance was the highest we have had. We have received lots of positive feedback on your presentation and the book “Safety 24/7.”

It was a pleaseure working with the two of you and we hope our paths will cross in the future. We wish you all the best to you in your many travels.
Louis Renner
Manager, Safety Engineering and Health Services
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express my sincere appreciation for you taking time to speak to our management team last week.

Your message was bang on, and resonated with all in our audience. It was your challenge to “jolt awake” several who’ve been coasting, or not believing it could happen to them, you did that.
Ron J. Mittelstaedt
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Waste Connections, Inc.